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Dubai SME in collaboration with Start Alliance ran a weeklong program from February 9th – February 14th 2019 . The program is a chance for participating companies to gain insight into the SME ecosystem, meet sector relevant experts to help explore various opportunities and understand the cultural nuances of doing business in Dubai and the region.


Stellan BanicaManaging Director

Everything was so good, program, organization, results, meetings, intercultural connection, friendship and collegiality between us, I was not expecting to get so much good things!!!

Lucian PlaumannMarketing Team Lead

Thank you for the amazing trip! Everyone involved really set up a seamless journey of insightful meetings and put us into meetings which otherwise we could not have achieved by ourselves! We will definitely be pursuing our opportunities gained here.

Alexander XydasCo-Founder, Business Development

Excellent thank you team, and congrats again on the great organisation!

Antoine BruelHead of Growth

Thank you so much for a great week in Dubai. It was an amazing opportunity for us discover and sintegrating Dubai ecosystem.
We have had a very insightful program, promising leads and business opportunities that we hope will turn fruitful shortly.
Very much looking forward to coming back! Have a great day!

Malgorzata JarganVP, Business Solutions EMEA

"We greatly enjoyed last week in Dubai. We want to thank the whole Dubai SME Team for being wonderful hosts and provided us with so diverse, intensive and delightful program. The experience was just amazing and we still feel your great kindness and boost of energy and inspiration."

Silviu HomoceanuFounder

It was pleasure meeting you. The program you organized was great! It helped us very much to understand how to approach the Dubai market best. We now better understand the culture, the market, it's potential and most importantly the support that Dubai SME can provide for startups. Thank you!

Katja BoutuBusiness Development

Quuppa is super happy and says a Big Thank You for the well organised program and also the supportive participants! Looking forward the next steps..... yes and Riyadh is looking very promising we should have first project up and running by June!!!

Johannes HaasCEO

I really would like to again thank you very much for the extraordinary support we received from Dubai SME during the whole week! It was a marvelous experience being first time in Dubai / UAE and I am impressed by the history, achievements and vision for the next decades of Dubai.

Rajiv TayalCo-Founder & CEO

I want to thank you each one of you for extending great support during our StartAlliance Dubai mission. I want to specifically recognize the team for going an extra mile to make sure we get connected to the right people.

Malgorzata JarganVP, Business Solutions EMEA

Cordial thank you to our wonderful Hosts Dubai SME Team for making this wonderful program happen and taking DataPartner from Finland on board. We are overwhelmed with your hospitality and great opportunities created for us, very grateful and sad to go back to Finland! We look forward to the next steps and coming over again soon! Dear Attendee Friends, good luck to all of you and thank you for inspiring us with your innovations! Will be delighted to stay in touch and hope to see you in Dubai again or perhaps Helsinki :)!

Pasi Rantanen

Thank you all for great trip! Tricton & Artome checking out of Dubai. See you all sometime somewhere...


Thanks ou all! It was really great days ! Im sure we see in near future.

Karen OganisianCEO

Thank you to all the organizers! You are the best! It was very interesting days!

Markus TeuberStrategic Partnerships

Just wanted to say thank you for the support and orga of last week tour! it has been a pleasure!

Waleed DhadukCEO - Emaar Industries & Investments

Congratulations to you and your team on a great event and thank you once again for inviting us for it. Looking forward to the continued engagement between EII/DAI and Dubai SME.

Karim El-JisrThe Sustainable City

It was a great pleasure to host the startups at The Sustainable City and was a very positive experience! We would like to thank you for all the support extended by the SME team.

KeranenSeppoBusiness Finland

This program is an ideal platform to enter the market and helps to connect with different partners and companies. Thank you team for organizing this and we would highly recommend this program.


After being back in Berlin safely, I want to say a real big "Thank You" to all of you. The Abra Team, Dubai SME and you are the companies have done a great job and I sincerely hope that we meet again in Dubai soon. All the best to you.

Dr. Ashkan KalantaryPwC | NextLevel Director

Thank you for having our Startups, out Nextlevel team and us here in Dubai at the StartUpNigght Dubai and Step Conference.

Claudia MortimerHead of Conferences & Events

On behalf of the STEP team I wanted to thank you so much for your continued support and participation at STEP 2019 and with Startupnight Dubai! It's a pleasure to work with you and it means a lot to us to have worked as partners on making the first edition of SUN Dubai a general success.

9th Feb - 11th Feb 2019
Meetings, Know-how & Culture Dubai SME together with StartAlliance

Have curated a program for international Startups to learn and see first-hand about what doing business in Dubai is all about.

12th Feb 2019
Demo, Pitch & Enjoy Dubai SME and StartupNight

Collaborate to bring a unique Startup event to Dubai which will host international innovative Startups together with some of the leading businesses, invest..

13th Feb - 14th Feb 2019

Participate at STEP to meet top VCs, investors, participate in the Startup Basecamp, Pitch Competition, Mentor’s Corner, Investor Meetings, and more.

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