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Benefits of ABRA

For Companies

The Innovation Attraction Program (ABRA) supports SMEs along their journey to internationalize, providing a wide array of services that are designed to support companies to legalize in the UAE, provide necessary market access and also identify and secure relevant funding for a successful expansion in Dubai and the MENA region.

For Partners:

The Innovation Attraction Program is not only a support vehicles for international and local SMEs but is also a program that aims to engage with various international and local partners creating an overarching innovation ecosystem that benefits partners beyond regional boundaries.

The program supports international partners, by offering services to their internal member companies, ensuring regional success and company growth.

Local partners can benefit from the program by leveraging the ABRA member company portfolio, identifying innovative companies and solutions that add value to the partner organizations.

How is ABRA different than other programs?

  • Targeted sourcing to impact direct demand
  • Designed to generate deal-flow rather than incubating companies i.e. visible MVP/ POC available for testing
  • Systematic scoring process which filters companies for innovativeness and product fit to market demand
  • Program provides additional benefits to companies with a strong focus on market access
  • One to one support provided to each company throughout their membership