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How ABRA works

ABRA aims to attract companies that are solving today's problems with tomorrow’s innovation.

About IAP (ABRA)

ABRA is designed to serve the national and emirate level strategic agendas. The program has a distinguished meaning for Dubai derived from one of the oldest existing forms of transportation. Over the year’s Abra’s have transitioned from traditional to modern forms of reliable transportation demonstrating progress and achievement. As the ARBA transports passengers across the creek, our program aims to shorten the time and effort international or Dubai based SMEs require to establish themselves.

How is ABRA different than other programs?

  • Targeted sourcing to impact direct demand
  • Designed to generate deal-flow rather than incubating companies i.e. visible MVP/ POC available for testing
  • Systematic scoring process which filters companies for innovativeness and product fit to market demand
  • Program provides additional benefits to companies with a strong focus on market access
  • One to one support provided to each company throughout their membership