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Program Member Companies

As mentioned in our "who we look for", our member companies exhibit all the traits and therefore are the privileged few who are in our portfolio. We work hand in hand with them, to explore opportunities, clinch deals, position themselves on the UAE Map as trendsetters, disruptive by nature and garner lot of attention even though they are small and medium!

A sneek peek into our portfolio.

Our Members

  • Affan
  • Airly
  • Allm
  • Bitplaces
  • Braincities
  • Brainplug
  • DataPartner
  • DiaMonTech
  • EduTAT
  • Fahrenheit
  • Flugauto
  • Globals
  • Heliatek
  • Holoplot
  • Lifa Air
  • Marcotodo
  • Nanotec
  • Nok
  • Oliv
  • OneAire
  • PM Code
  • Scrooser
  • Sonovum
  • Switch &Co
  • Troov